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Missing Wife

This post was written by admin on August 20, 2014
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Dear Everyone, 

This email is to ask your assistance in locating my missing wife Dawn We were on a wonderful trip to Australia for our honeymoon several months ago. On our way back, we had to change flights at Nairobi . With plenty of time to spare, we decided to go sightseeing, and somehow became separated. I had searched the city for her for several hours and then contacted the local police to assist me in finding her. To date, all of our attempts to find her have been unsuccessful.. I am now desperate for my lost love and am trying to use the Internet to locate her. Please forward this email to everyone you know, so I can spread the word on locating my missing wife.


Mr. Alan Smitten


After a few weeks search, a response from Nairobi : 

Dear Mr.. Smitten,

We are happy to report that we have found your wife, in a small community, deep in the wilderness. However, it is unknown how she has got there, because she is unwilling to talk and discuss the matter. I regret to report that she has given us clear indication that she does not want to leave. We have tried for several days to coax her back to Nairobi , but she is insistent on staying where she is. I have enclosed a photograph for you to see that she is all right, and seemingly content with her surroundings.

Nairobi Police Department

Photograph enclosed herewith…..

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missing wife

missing wife

Originally posted 2009-10-17 14:36:38.

Reader Comments

You forgot to mention her problem walking and case of lockjaw :)

Written By hozac on December 21st, 2009 @ 7:31 am

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